You Will Always Be Perfect

This space is safe for fat, thin, and everything in-between.

This is a space that wants you to remember you are beautiful no matter what you look like, and that even if you don't think so, it doesn't make you less of a person.

You are wonderful and don't let anyone get you down, especially not yourself.


please please please know it gets better. I used to have it so rough, and i never thought I would recover but right now I’m almost 9 months clean and I don’t even consider relapse, even when I’m in a bad mood. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it takes work to get there but you can do it. Don’t give up!!

Monday Jul 28 @ 11:07am
You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful. Amy Bloom (via internal-acceptance-movement) Sunday Jul 27 @ 09:42pm

Sunday Jul 27 @ 09:37pm

Women of ALL sizes deserve respect


Women of ALL sizes deserve respect

Friday Jul 25 @ 04:40pm
Saturday Jul 19 @ 04:41pm
Thursday Jul 17 @ 11:28am


remember tumblr:

it’s pretty important to find your drift partner, don’t get me wrong. but it’s also really really important to find your control room team— y’know, that group of people that you love and trust and despite (or because of) not being able to actually read your mind, still watch your back all the time and aren’t afraid to override the controls and manually shut your shit down to save your fucking lives.

remember those people too.

Wednesday Jul 16 @ 11:22am


gentle reminder that you are a person who has worth and value and you are so important, even if other people act like you are not. you are.

Tuesday Jul 15 @ 06:32pm
Monday Jul 14 @ 05:20pm
Monday Jul 14 @ 04:50am
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